Keri Rand has written a good article that has been published in the Advertiser News, one of the regional papers where I live. She sent out a questionnaire via facebook message to a bunch of people, and I was one who responded. She decided to use my input, and now I’m featured on their website.

I may sound like an absolute tool, but I do like the one quote that was made. They highlighted it in the actual paper printing, but not online. Quote:

“This recession has sort of made me go ‘back to the basics’ (by American standards), and appreciate the simpler things in life a whole lot more. I think it’s also impacted my health positively as well – I cook now instead of buying prepared foods, I exercise more for lack of anything ‘more exciting’ to do. Honestly, I kind of like the new lifestyle I’ve adopted because of it.”

So what does everyone else here think, has the latest economic recession affected you enough to make some lifestyle changes? It is an interesting thing to consider.

Link: [Teens and 20-somethings reflect on the state of economy]