I have an insatiable need to charge my phone as quickly as possible. Sometimes I only have a few minutes to grab as many electrons as possible from someone’s wall outlet. Compiling a custom version of Android’s Gingerbread release has reduced my battery usage tremendously, but the battery still does die at some rather inconvenient times. So, it essentially comes down to needing more amperage applied directly to my phone. All of my wall chargers are well below one amp, and my USB3 ports only provide 900 milliamps, so how to get more than one amp flowing to my phone?

That’s when the thought hit me – use two chargers instead of one! So, using my external hard drive’s Y-cable, I came up with this:
Fire Hazard

After plugging them both into the wall, and my phone into the end of the cable, I heard a loud high-pitched squeal emanating from the larger of the two chargers. As it turns out, this is actually the weaker charger. Turns out the force of e alone is not enough to stop back-flow into the capacitors of the weaker transformer. Whoopsies. Guess that’s why they invented diodes…