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Well, this is a different kind of post. This is for me to thank my readers, as few of you as there may be, just know your numbers are growing! I just got registered for another year, it was kinda cutting it close, though. This also seems to coincide with another event: I just noticed my HTSCR has hit 10:1. HTSCR in my mind means “Hit to Spam Comment Ratio”. I think that’s something I’m gonna try to start. Pass it on. A combination of the kismet and stats plugins keeps the statistics necessary to deduce your HTSCR. So yeah, thank you, reader, for sticking with me through a whole year on this site. I have just reached over 10,000 total visits, which is cool (your numbers are growing!), and 1,000 spam comments, which I guess is kinda cool. I’m up to about 50 hits a day now, too, which is pretty good for mid-semester-lack-of-updates season. I’d love to buy each one of you a beer, but then I’d owe spammers a thousand beers, and I’d probably owe google like 5,000, and I don’t have a lot of money. But, I’ll make a deal, if you 1) Read once in a while at least, 2) Know me a bit in person, and 3) Not send unsolicited email, then I will buy you a beer when you invite me out. Keyword is “muffin tray”.

So thanks again for reading, I appreciate it.

P.S. Seriously, your numbers are growing! Tell people! Go!

P.P.S. Faster!

I have a wonderful habit of binding “open a terminal” in gnome’s System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts dialog to the Windows key. This is the key that in WIndows would typically open up the start menu. However, I wasn’t able to do so after an update to Fedora 12. I would press the key in the shortcuts window, and nothing would happen. I could combine the Windows key with another key, and it recognized the Windows key as mod4, a modifying key like control or alt. I figured out the problem, just run this command to unbind the windows key as a modifier and go back to it just being known as “Super_L”:

xmodmap -e “remove mod4 = Super_L”

Then go back into the Keyboard Shortcuts list and try again. Super_L should now show up in the window when you hit the key.