Our baby was born recently, and needed to spend 5 days in the NICU. All was well enough, a touch of TTN and bradycardia, the latter making the attached monitor, a Nihon Kohden LifeScope, alarm just about constantly. Well, all the doctors and nurses knew it was fine, and would always be hitting the silence button when they were around. Like any new dad, I wanted to be able to hold my newborn in relative peace. So, it’d be nice to be able to silence the machine’s alarms for 3 minutes at a time. And, behold:

Filetype: IR signals file
Version: 1
name: Suspend_alarms
type: parsed
protocol: NECext
address: 82 E4 00 00
command: F3 12 00 00

That’s it! Load this onto a Flipper Zero (or your other infrared-capable device of choice), and enjoy the temporary reprieve all without standing up, super-helpful if your newborn is still attached to a CPAP. The NICU is stressful enough without constant alarm fatigue.