Wow that’s a huge title. Anyway, a friend of mine brought home a digital photo frame, the EX811 to be precise. He couldn’t quite figure out how to get pictures to display from the computer onto the frame. We did get it working, but here’s the documentation on how, since I think this might be helpful to other people.

1) Get the frame on the network. I really can’t help you too much with this, just use the picture frame’s menu system to do it. The menu is fairly intuitive. If possible, try to give the picture frame a static IP address, whether through the frame’s menu system or via the DHCP server in your private network.

2) The frame sends a lot of, well, odd traffic. It uses multicast and unicast traffic, so, and you might be disappointed in me over this, I recommend you just allow all traffic from that source. A rule such as “-A INPUT –src -j ACCEPT” in /etc/sysconfig/iptables will work perfectly here. Just change the IP address in the example to the static IP address you gave the frame when you got it on the network in part 1.

3) Install [mediatomb] and start it. Check it’s configuration file for what port it runs on, and navigate to that port on your local computer. For example, point firefox at “”. From there, configure what pictures and stuff you would like to share with the frame.

4) Reboot the frame. At the main screen, an entry labelled “Network Computer” should appear. Click on that one, navigate to the folder with all the pictures in it, and press play. Congrats, you’re now sharing your photos.

5) You may want to make mediatomb start automatically on system boot with “chkconfig –levels 345 mediatomb on”.

6) You don’t need to restart the frame or mediatomb to make changes to the pictures that are shared. Just make the changes, and they’ll happen in real time.

Hope this helps someone out there.