Two and a half years. It’s been almost that long since I’ve made a proper blog update. Far far too long. That’s how long it takes to be fully vested in retirement at Princeton! I have a good list of reasons, though.

1) I bought a new (to me) house.


2) I bought a new (to me [seeing a pattern here?]) car.


3) I actually got a haircut, which happens about as frequently as I update this blog.


…and yes, that ponytail got donated to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program.

4) I got promoted at work. I no longer work in the Computer Science department, now I’m the Systems Manager of the Mathematics Department, Program for Applied & Computational Mathematics, and Annals of Mathematics (an affiliated periodic publication)


And yes that is Nash as in John Nash, of mathematical and theatrical fame (“A Beautiful Mind” with Russell Crowe was based on his life). I feel honored to be on the same board as him!

5) Last but certainly not least, I got engaged! I am set to be wed in the Princeton Chapel in October of this year.


But as I said, those are just reasons, not excuses. I will try and do better at updating this thing!